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Recent cards in a not-so-recent style!

Any of these cards can be purchased from my profile at Thortful.com, and you can even get the lovely people at Thortful to send to a victim of your choice! (Just in case it isn’t displaying – if you hover your mouse over the words ‘my profile’, a cute little hand will appear, and will lead you all the way there.)






National Brain Appeal – a Letter in Mind

The National Brain Appeal has launched a fundraiser, a Letter in Mind, and this year’s theme is ‘A Sense of Place’.

Here’s one of my entries; the other can remain secret for now! And any artists who’d like to participate can find the details by following the link above; you’ve got until June 30th.



Digital and semi-digital…

Here is some recent work, available via Thortful.com. I give you very reasonable price!


A Bear for the Big Sleuth

Two years ago, it was the Big Hoot; last year it was the Big Read and now I’ll be producing a Sun Bear as my contribution to the Big Sleuth!

Like the owls, the bears will eventually be auctioned to raise funds for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital… and here’s a pic from the FaceBook page… I noticed that my Happy Hospit-owl is beaming happily from the left hand side of the picture…



Exciting run up to the Hastings & 1066 Country Cartoon Festival!

For more information, take a look here. Meanwhile, here’s one of my contributions:



A couple of characters from a current project…

This one’s still under wraps at the moment, but here are a couple of little characters to whet your appetite:



Not sure if this is a private commission or a corporate one…!

A birthday gift to a lovely lady from her colleagues – who also feature quite actively in the pic!


The Big Hoot!

I’d been DYING to do a Wild in Art project for years, and then this one came up in Birmingham. I was commissioned to produce two owls, one for Pertemps recruitment agency and the other for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Here they are at the launch party, held at Fort Dunlop:

Percy Pertemps. Photo © Jas Sansi
Happy Hospit-Owl. Photo © Jas Sansi