A Series of Interesting Happenings...


Sunflowers for Ukraine!

I’ve been planning to open a Redbubble Shop to sell designs for quite a while now; the final kick up the bum was the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I’d done all the obvious things – donations etc – but I’ve now produced some designs featuring sunflowers, across a number of small items at the moment. All profits will go to the Red Cross to support them in their work with victims of war, but these designs are particularly relevant to Ukraine:










And the link to the shop is down below; the images you’ll see are those of a mouse mat and a desk mat, but if you follow the ‘Shop all products’ link below the images, it’ll bring up others. Happy hunting!

Cathy Simpson’s Redbubble Shop


Making more marks!

I love the Musicians of Bremen. I’ve loved them ever since I first heard their story at the age of 6 (I’m not telling you how many years ago that was). And here they are, making tracks in aid of the National Brain Appeal’s Letter in Mind exhibition 2021….

Letter in Mind entry time is upon us again!

This is my first entry to this year’s Letter in Mind exhibition in support of the National Brain Appeal. This year’s theme is ‘Making your Mark’, and my piece features not only the ancient landmark of the Uffington White Horse, but the bunnies whose dedicated cropping habits ensure that chalk figures like this don’t vanish beneath a sea of grass, willowherb and thistles!

Recent cards in a not-so-recent style!

Any of these cards can be purchased from my profile at Thortful.com, and you can even get the lovely people at Thortful to send to a victim of your choice! (Just in case it isn’t displaying – if you hover your mouse over the words ‘my profile’, a cute little hand will appear, and will lead you all the way there.)






National Brain Appeal – a Letter in Mind

The National Brain Appeal has launched a fundraiser, a Letter in Mind, and this year’s theme is ‘A Sense of Place’.

Here’s one of my entries; the other can remain secret for now! And any artists who’d like to participate can find the details by following the link above; you’ve got until June 30th.



Digital and semi-digital…

Here is some recent work, available via Thortful.com. I give you very reasonable price!


A Bear for the Big Sleuth

Two years ago, it was the Big Hoot; last year it was the Big Read and now I’ll be producing a Sun Bear as my contribution to the Big Sleuth!

Like the owls, the bears will eventually be auctioned to raise funds for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital… and here’s a pic from the FaceBook page… I noticed that my Happy Hospit-owl is beaming happily from the left hand side of the picture…



Exciting run up to the Hastings & 1066 Country Cartoon Festival!

For more information, take a look here. Meanwhile, here’s one of my contributions:



The End of the Tail


A couple of characters from a current project…

This one’s still under wraps at the moment, but here are a couple of little characters to whet your appetite: